Confessions of a Recovering Racist is not my
life story. It is the story of racism, illustrated by
the racist attitudes and behaviors I learned and
practiced from my very early childhood into
adulthood.  ~ George O’Hare

Today, with race and racism on the hearts, minds and lips of most Americans, Confessions of a Recovering Racist joins the conversation in a timely, provocative and entertaining way.

This true story is about George O’Hare and his upbringing in a segregated White, Irish Catholic Chicago neighborhood. As an adult moving up the corporate ladder at a time when America was transitioning from Jim Crow to Civil Rights, George was asked by his employer to join a civic organization that often worked closely with a race of people he never wanted to know and did not trust.

Consequently, George was faced with a dilemma. How could he be a part of this organization and fulfill his hopes of corporate success given the beliefs and principles he was taught as a child and had embraced his entire life? The path George ultimately chose to follow shaped and changed his life forever.
This compelling memoir is also a historical document, giving insight into the heart of America during one of the most momentous eras in history. It is a must-read for anyone willing to look at George’s life, examine one’s own, and decide like George what each of us can do in our own small world to add to the greatness
of this nation.